Current group tours: 

   Offered at predetermined dates and topics. 

   You are more than welcome to register also as single person.            





  Time    No of Part.  Price/Person  
   city walk     1,5-2hs    6-15 Pers.                15,-*  
   museum tour 1,5-2hs 6-15 Pers.                15,-*  


   Exclusive Tours:


   Choose the topic or museum you would like to visit:


    Time     No. of Part.     Price/Tour   
   city walk         1,5-2hs       1-10 Pers. 150,-*
   museum tour   1,5-2hs 1-10 Pers. 150,-*
   Vienna Sight Jogging       ca. 1h 1-4  tbd


*) all prices are excluding eventual entrance fees into museums and do not contain VAT according to regulations for small entrepreneurs (Kleinunternehmerregelung)